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Helps Maintain a Normal Disposition!

Helps maintain calmness and supports balanced behavior.

Powder with a rice hull base and a molasses and apple flavor. We have removed molasses from the SU-PER B-1 powder, helping to make it more safe for feeding to insulin resistant horses or those with metabolic issues.

Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) supplementation has several benefits for horses, especially those involved in training or competition. Thiamine is often deficient in the performance horse’s diet due to the fact that exercising horses may need twice as much Thiamine as non-working horses. During exercise, pyruvate is released as a by-product of energy use. Pyruvate commonly turns into lactic acid, which causes fatigue and loss of stamina. However, when Thiamine is present in sufficient amounts, it has the ability to convert pyruvate into acetyl coenzyme A, which helps produce more energy. 

Supplementing with SU-PER B-1 ensures that the exercising horse continues to produce energy rather than allow lactic acid to cause fatigue.

Another main benefit of Thiamine is it’s calming effect. Thiamine is responsible for sending nerve impulses throughout the body, therefore a deficiency of Thiamine can cause horses to be irritable, nervous, anxious, unfocused, or hard to work with. Given the increased need for Thiamine in the performance horse, many behavioral issues that seem to “come and go” with the horse may be linked to a B-1 deficiency. 

Thiamine also helps with poor appetite. Thiamine can help get a horse back on feed after stressful situations or illness that effects their willingness to eat. Thiamine is a great choice for giving just before transport for not only keeping a horse calm, but helping to keep the appetite strong after a stressful ride.

Amount to give:  

Give 1 ounce per day. Or as directed by your veterinarian or nutritionist. A one ounce scoop is enclosed.

Number of Servings:  

2.5 Pound - 40;  12.5 Pound - 200



ACTIVE PER 1 OUNCE: Thiamine (Vitamin B1) - 625 mg.


Calcium Carbonate, Rice Hulls, Lecithin, Mineral Oil, Apple Flavoring.

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