Henhouse Reserve™ (50 lb)


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A complete feed formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of laying hens. Made with high quality ingredients, including whole grains and vegetables. Complete, balanced nutrition that you can see! FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Feed as the sole ration on a free choice basis to laying hens beginning at 16 weeks of age. Always provide shelter and a continuous supply of fresh, clean water. FEATURES AND BENEFITS:  COMPLETE, balanced nutrition that you can see!  A premium product – all of the appeal of a scratch PLUS all of the nutrition of a complete layer feed.  Contains YolkProud™ - all-natural ingredients added to promote vibrant egg yolks.  Fully-fortified with all of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your hens need to produce strong shells and wholesome, tasty eggs.  Contains LifeGuard™ - a proprietary blend of prebiotics, probiotics, essential oils, and enzymes to support digestive, immune and health function.